Mom, Mom, Mommy!

Mom…Mom…Mommy!  There are times when hearing that, can make you feel frustrated, desperate, and overwhelmed. Do you have an interrupting child, a child that needs your constant attention?  You just want to get the laundry folded, the dishes done, the shopping finished, and dinner cooked.  And the bathroom… you just want to go to the bathroom alone!

The book, Mom…Mom…Mommy!, illustrates the story of a mother’s frustration and a child’s constant need for his mother’s attention.  Each page shares examples of a mother’s daily struggles navigating the challenges of parenting.   With humorous, lighthearted illustrations, both mother and child will find themselves, laughing out-loud!   Your heart-strings ♥ will be pulled by the special moment between mother and child at the end.

Find encouragement and inspiration in the book, Mom…Mom…Mommy!  This simple book has a powerful, loving message.  Mom, the struggle is real, you are not alone. Motherhood is hard.  You love your child (ren), they want to be with you.  The parent-child connection is real, mom guilt is real. Mom, you are doing a great job.

Mom…Mom…Mommy!, certain to become an instant family favorite.  It’s the perfect Mother’s Day, Birthday,  and  baby shower gift.

An Amazon Best Seller and #1 New Release!


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