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Silly Yaya School visits are fun, lively and promote student participation.  I love coming to schools to interact with students. Author visits are an exciting way to promote the love of reading. When children meet an author, they have a connection to books, and that helps to instill a lifelong love of reading.  For a visit to your school, contact me at or text 321-543-7054.

Upcoming Events:

June 7, 2022 - St Demetrios School, Astoria, NY

June 8, 2022 - PS 184, Whitestone, NY

June 14, 2022 - Melbourne Public Library, Melbourne, FL


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Teacher and Librarian Testimonials

Violet Favero visited our Grammar School to share Unkie Munkie with our K-2 students.  She was upbeat, engaging and very easy to work with!  Her presentation was hands-on and we enjoyed seeing student volunteers as her helpers and the props used to make our book hunting for clues fun for all!  We also felt lucky to have two copies of her books signed and donated to our school library so we can keep enjoying her titles.  Thank you Violet!

Torrie Phillips, Media Specialist, Coventry Grammar School, Coventry, CT

I had Silly Yaya come to my school as an author visit last year and all my kindergarten and first grade students were able to be part of her presentation.  To prepare my students for her visit, Silly Yaya sent me worksheets and data on the many animals that were included in her newest title “Unkie Munkie Lives at The Zoo.”  My students were so excited to finally meet this author and hear her read her newest title.  “Unkie Munkie Lives at The Zoo” is a beautifully illustrated paperback picture book that gives young students an opportunity to question whether or not Unkie Munkie really lives at the zoo.  Students will look high and low for clues to answer their question.  While reading “Unkie Munkie Lives at The Zoo”, Silly Yaya used props to excite students and had upper level students assist with her presentation, making everyone feel special.  This story will be a great read aloud between child and parent and the special bond that they have together.  Silly Yaya was a pleasure to work with and students were able to see her excitement to work with such a large group of students.

Charleen Forba-MacCain, School Librarian, Chairperson of District Library/Media, Marshall Elementary School, Newark, DE

Author/Illustrator Violet Favero visited our elementary school and did a wonderful retelling of her book Unkie Munkie Lives at The Zoo.  The presentation was very interactive and Mrs. Favero is a wonderful storyteller. The students were engaged and excited to share their knowledge about different animals at the zoo.  Mrs. Favero led them on a journey through the book discovering the clues to find out if Unkie Munkie really lives at the zoo.  Our primary students really enjoyed her school visit.

Heather Rehrer, Media Specialist, Croton Elementary School, Melbourne, FL

The Silly Yaya (aka Violet Favero), is a fun and energetic author/storyteller.  She has performed at our library to kids of all ages.  She also performed at the Melbourne Square Mall’s story time grand opening.  Her book (Unkie Munkie Lives at The Zoo), is very creative, and is told with much insight from a child’s point of view.  She tells the story with interactive props and a lot of excitement that keeps the children’s attention.  We can’t wait to have her back.  I highly recommend has as a performer for any program you may consider.

Katherine Fuhrig, Head of Youth Services, Franklin DeGroodt Memorial Library, Palm Bay, FL

We loved having Silly Yaya visit our school.  Her stories are very entertaining and her presentation was very inspiring.  I loved that she encouraged using context clues and critical thinking.  We have a lot of future authors/illustrators in our classroom now!

Lindsay Willis, Kindergarten Teacher, Newark Charter School, Newark, DE

Students and teachers alike enjoyed Ms. Favero's (Silly Yaya) STEM presentation.  Students learned new facts about animals they thought they knew well.  We would gladly have Ms. Favero back to our school!

Mrs. Caro, Media Specialist, University Park Elementary, Melbourne, FL 

Silly Yaya is a fun and energetic presenter.  I love how fun and excited the kids were!  She was so easy to work with and plan her visit to our school.  I definitely would love to have her come back next year!

Allyson Forbis, Kindergarten Teacher, Doctors Inlet Elementary, Middleburg, FL

My grade 1-2 students loved meeting Silly Yaya.  They were excited to meet a real author as we are always talking about them.  The interactive level was great to keep everyone's interest.  

Bridget Poturnicki, Librarian/Media Specialist, Snow School, Middletown, CT

I would recommend that Violet Favero come to your school and share her stories and books!  She was quite entertaining!

Carole Welch, Librarian, St. Elizabeth Elementary School, Wilmington, DE