Pete Comes To America
Pete Comes To America
Pete Comes To America

Pete Comes To America

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Get your personalized and authographed copy of the #1 New Release on Amazon in Children’s Immigration Books.   

As featured in the National Harald, the world’s largest English print Greek newspaper.


In 1910, six year old Panagiotis (Pete) embarks on an adventurous journey with his family as they make America their new home.  The powerful emotions, hopes and dreams of this young boy are delightfully brought to life with classic illustrations of the era.  

Join Pete during his early years in America.  Learn about Pete's love for both Greece and his new home, as he embraces his heritage and lives his American dream.  

This uplifting story of childhood immigration highlights the emotions that creating a life in a new place holds for Pete and his family.  Follow Pete from the beginning of his family's immigration from Greece to America, as he grows into a young man and graduates high school.  

This book is a great read aloud for children and families to talk about how their family came to America, or about how other families came to America.  A great introduction to immigration for children.

This book is perfect for all families regardless of where their immigration story starts.  Start your conversation today with Pete Comes To America.


Pete Comes To America is my grandfather's immigration story.  My grandfather always spoke so lovingly about his beloved island of Lesvos.  He cherished his Greek heritage and was proud of the life he created for his family.  My great-grandparents provided us all with an amazing life because of their brave immigration.  My father, Pete's son, Demetrios (Jimmy), who is now 88 years old, talks with such fond memories of the Greek Coffee Shop that he visited with his family when he was a child, and spending time in his grandfather's barber shop.  

Use this book as a conversation starter with your own family about your heritage and your family immigration story.  It may just be the most important conversation you ever have!

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